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Coffee is the liquid of connection. Nothing is more enjoyable than a coffee, in your favourite mug, sharing a moment with someone you love, especially in your own home.


1. Your blend - choose from one of our 3 unique blends of MOA coffee.

Tasting Notes

Make your choice from one of 3 unique MOA blends or try a coffee duo - Tasting Notes are as follows and the coffees are listed in order of increasing strength and robustness.

Hey Beautiful - Smooth with nut and fruit profiles, rich in colour, with a delightful, sweet fig finish on the palette. Just like a conversation with your best friend - one is never enough.

Little Wonder – Earthy, rich dark chocolate and nut tones that exude strength. Clean well-rounded finish leaving you grounded and prepped for your next life moment.

Wild Child - Your palette will be a dance floor with notes of cherry and spice. Medium acidity, good body, strong finish. A little reminder that life is to be lived.

2. Your grind type - Depending upon how you like your brew choose from whole beans, ground espresso, stovetop, Aero Press, filter or plunger.