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Coffee Duo - Hey Beautiful + Little Wonder
Coffee Duo - Hey Beautiful + Little Wonder

Coffee Duo - Hey Beautiful + Little Wonder

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Can't decide on just one (we understand), then these combos are for you. Keep the days (and the espresso martinis) interesting by mixing up those flavour options so you can go with what the day presents. 


Hey Beautiful
Smooth, deep, truthful

About Connection
That generous soul you work with. That fun but grounded friend you can’t spend enough time with. That big heart and warm hug.

Tasting Notes
Smooth with nut and fruit profiles, rich in colour, with a delightful sweet fig finish on the palette. Just like a conversation with your best friend - one is never enough.'

Bean Origins
Brazil; Honduras; Ethiopia


Little Wonder
Discerning, strong, alluring

About Empowerment
You know who you are. You stand in your truth. Your light shows those around you what’s possible. You write your own story.

Tasting Notes
Earthy, rich dark chocolate and nut tones that exude strength. Clean well rounded finish leaving you grounded and prepped for your next life moment.

Bean Origins
Papua New Guinea; Brazil; Ethiopia